Automobile Warranty|Get One Before Your Vehicle Fails

10/18/2010 15:15
A Car Service Contract or an Auto Warranty is a policy between you and a warranty administrator. Many people purchase auto warranties to cover themselves against the high cost of major mechanical breakdowns and/or failure to their vehicle. The type and scope of coverage, benefits, and terms of payment may vary with each individual warranty. When you buy car warranty is not intended to replace the factory warranty, but its purpose is to provide the coverage when it expires. One of the main advantages of getting a vehicle warranty is to bypass the enormous cost of automobile repairs. Sometimes extended warranties come with a benefits package which includes road side assistance and rental car reimburse. This is an added bonus to the value that car warranty policies offer car owners.

Picking a Warranty Plan
Auto warranties usually come in 2, 3, 4 and 5 year terms. When looking to get auto warranties, as when buying anything buy, you will have to compare policies to make sure your purchasing the best price and terms available. Auto Warranties are not all the same. A few vehicle warranties, which are also referred to as automobile service contracts, sold by automobile dealers require that you to have your car repairs done by the dealer. What happens if this company goes out of business? Who's going to fix your car? It's your fault if you buy the wrong coverage plan. Make sure the insurance company you choose is reliable. Don't judge warranty plans on price alone. You get what you pay for. Cheap insurance plans have a reputation for rejecting warranty claims and poor service. Some even require you to pay the repair shop first before reimbursing you. It is better to have a warranty in which the company will pay the repair shop directly.

Getting Your Car Inspected
When you purchase an extended car warranty , there are some sellers who want to inspect your automobile first to make sure the vehicle is not already brokedown. If your car passes inspection, then it will be eligible for coverage. If your car won`t pass inspection, you can always have the car fixed and have the car inspected again.

Make sure you know the conditions of your extended auto warranty before getting your vehicle so you won't be disappointed when you need help. The same goes if you already own the vehicle and just need the Extended Warranty. Taking the time to choose the correct warranty can save you from a nightmare.