Frequently Asked Questions About An Extended Automobile Warranty

11/05/2010 13:01
Consumers are left to fund vehicle repairs themselves after their manufacturer Car Service Contract ends. This can put them out quite a bit of money, especially as the vehicle gets older. All drivers should consider purchasing an auto warranty that goes into effect after the initial contract expires. They may hesitate to purchase the extended contract because they are unaware of how it works and basic details should help in this respect.

Like the initial service contract, this coverage involves a premium payment and a deductible. The deductible is applied upon each repair visit, so if more than one repair is required, it is cost-effective to have all fixes made in one visit. Car owners can select a higher deductible plan if they wish to reduce their premium costs. This is something that individuals with late-model vehicles often do because they are relatively confident that the car will not require many repairs.

Perhaps the most misunderstood component of these service contracts is what to do when a repair is needed. The best policies allow the car owner to take the vehicle to any repair facility that is ASE certified or to any dealership. The facility will inspect the vehicle, diagnose the issue, and contact the policy claims center. Therefore, it is important that the policyholder carry contact information for the policy company as well as the policy number.

Consultation between the claims center and the repair shop will result in the claims center authorizing the necessary covered repairs. The policyholder must pay the required deductible as stated in the service contract. The repairs are then completed and the policyholder reviews and approves them. Once the individual is satisfied with the work, the repair shop is paid by the claims center. Some service contracts permit the reimbursement to be made only to the policyholder so individuals should review their policy to identify whether this applies.

Renewability and transferability are two aspects of service agreements that only reputable agencies provide. The service contract may be renewed, provided that the car meets the underwriting guidelines of the agency. During the term of the agreement, the policyholder may transfer the contract to another private party if the vehicle changes ownership. Some agencies also permit individuals to cancel their policies within a specified timeframe as long as a claim has not been made.

Not everyone is comfortable doing business online, so individuals may wonder if the agency will be operating when a claim is incurred. The best agencies deposit premium payments into a reserve account subject to government regulation. This money is used to pay future claims and the plan is also insured by an insurance company. This means that if the agency itself goes out of business, the insurance carrier will take over claims handling.

This should answer some basic questions regarding the Auto Warranties that goes into effect after a manufacturer contract expires. Shoppers should consider other features such as flexible payment options like money orders, credit cards, personal checks, and payment plans. Entering into this service contract prevents the vehicle owner from being responsible for costly repairs.